Japan Disaster Links

BBC News
NYT (New York Times)
NHK World News
Kyodo News
Japan Times
Mainichi Daily News
Al Jazeera English
RT Fukushima Page
Reactor Condition Graphs (Stolfi Plots)
Union of Concerned Scientists
Reactorwatch Chronology
NYT Reactor Status Info Graphic
Agency Updates
NRSA (National Reactor Safety Agency) reactor status updates
JAIF (Japan Atomic Industrial Forum)
EPA Radnet data US Environmental Protection Agency)
MOD (Japan Ministry of Defense)
IAEA (Intl. Atomic Energy Agency)
NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency)
NISA Fuku Data page
Japanese Govt Web TV (press conference links, news)
Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Provision Office
Blogs/ Link Sites/ Forums
RDTN.org forum
LucasWhitefieldHixson blog
FalloutPhillipines Blogspot
Japan Crisis Page
Radiation Monitoring
Real Time Radiation Dosage Map  (Nuclear Safety Technology Center)
UC Berkeley Monitoring (air, water, milk, food chain)
TEPCO monitoring
Safecast (formerly RDTN.org)
Eurad Plume map
Japanese Ministry of Education Monitoring
Radiation calculator/ unit converter
Geiger counters (US)
EPA radiation monitoring (US)
West Coast (US) Monitoring (Oregon Public Health Authority)
Recent Quakes (worldwide)
USGS recent quakes
Geofon Recent Quakes
Earthquake 3D
Shindo scale
TEPCO press
Tepco Press Releases
Tepco Fuku Data Page
Tepco Mitigation Plan Infographic
Tepco Press Photos
Tepco's Cozy Ties
Results of Study of Effects of tsunami on Daiichi Complex
Edano's Press Conferences (English)
Admission Statement
Reuters Special Report: Japan engineers knew tsunami could overrun plant
Weather / Wind / Cams / Misc.
Fukushima Weather
Tokyo +surrounding weather
Streaming web cam
Hourly web cam
WeatherOnline Hourly Cam Archive
Tokyo web cam
Institue for Energy and Environmental Research

Thank you to all who have contributed links, shared their opinions, concerns and information on this crisis. Please save this document to share/link to others. Please let me know of other links I have missed @DeliverRelief on Twitter, or email me at deliverrelief@gmail.com. Thank you!

'When they cannot control nuclear power, they will use their power to control information'

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